Sunday, 5 February 2012

Flat as a pancake

Today we've made a snowman in the garden. He's not particularly tall – taller than George but not as tall as Daddy – and has the same affliction as the Elephant Man. In fact if we were to lay him down his head would fall off.

He has a bucket for a hat and did have a carrot nose and stones for eyes, but these fell out after a few minutes. He has twigs for arms and in true snowman tradition has no legs.

So, after building our snowman and messing about in the white stuff we were ready to go back indoors and warm up. George, however, was keen to remain outside garnering a collection of wet patches on his clothing with the aim of merging them into one almighty sodden mass.

We managed to tempt him back indoors with the promise of making pancakes with chocolatey hazelnut spread, mushed-up bananas and squirty cream. After taking wellies and boots off and warming up we set to work on the pancakes while maintaining a degree of damage limitation in the squirting of squirty cream department.

Now, if you were a little boy, what could be better than warm pancakes, chocolatey hazelnut spread (you know the one), bananas and cream? Not for George! As soon as the pancakes were ready he asked for hummus, breadsticks, cheese and apple. Well, each to their own... and all the more pancakes for Mummy!