Wednesday, 5 August 2009

It's a matter of size

There's quite a bit of comparing going on between new mums and dads when it comes to their babies – and much of it is about size.

The first question, after 'is it a boy or a girl?', is inevitably about how much the new arrival weighs. The weight comparison gives way to size comparison after just a few weeks when mums with prams and pushchairs – or travel systems if you like – take a peek as if to check on how their own young one is doing.

And it's surprising how noticeable the differences can be for just a matter of weeks or months. We thought our ten-week old George was a tiny thing when he was born. He certainly looked minute and fragile against our friend's sturdy ten-month-old boy, which is probably why mummy accidently sent a card with 'Now You Are 2' on the front for his first birthday. Luckily mummy's friend saw the funny side.

On a recent shopping trip, our pushchair thingy pulled alongside another one in a lift (we know where all the lifts are now), the occupant of which was a cute four-week-old. Suddenly our little George looks like quite a big fella. In fact, mummy took him out the other day and when she got back daddy was sure George looked bigger than he had done that morning.

All of a sudden George is growing too big for things – one of his first vests is a bit of stretch and looks more like a baby Borat's mankini – and the gifts of clothing that looked like they would fit a four-year-old are turning out to be a perfect fit.

And it's not just size that's up for comparison. Mini achievements – such as sleeping through the night, when the first smile arrives and whether they've rolled over yet – are also subjects of comparison up for discussion.

George did try to roll on to his front the other day, but his arms – which he still hasn't realised he has control over – keep getting in the way. The one achievement that George has accomplished – and that I haven't heard anyone compare – is the ability to be sick and smile at the same time.

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