Wednesday, 6 January 2010

The bells, the bells

New Year's Eve turned out to be very different from years past. The usual habit of partying until the small hours was broken on New Year's Eve 2008/09 when mummy's tummy was expanding at more of an alarming rate than daddy's.

This time round it was what was in that tummy that dictated how we saw in 2010 – and we decided it would be wise to spend it asleep. Which, didn't bother daddy who has always found a tinge of sadness behind the smiles of this passing-of-time celebration.

George, however, was having none of it and at about 15 minutes to midnight he woke up crying. So, for one night only, we switched on the bedside light, turned on the radio and brought George into our room to sit on the bed. The bells bonged and mummy and daddy sang Auld Lang Syne while all holding hands – and George smiled.

It may not have been the most exuberant or spirited way to see in the new year, but it was definitely more memorable than some of the blurry countdowns of the past – and there was certainly no sadness behind the smiles.

George has been getting used to being mobile this week. We bought him one of those baby walkers – the kind that you sit in with a wheel on each corner. At first his tip-toes only just reached the floor, even on the lowest setting, and much effort was expended with little movement.

Now, still restricted to use of his tip-toes, it's surprising how fast he can manoeuvre around the kitchen. One minute he's over by the lounge door and the next our ankles are taking a battering as we open the fridge.

The one thing he's having a little difficulty with though, is reversing out of a tight corner – must get that off his mummy.

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  1. Hope she isn't reading!!

    Happy new year... sounds like a pretty decent way of seeing it in, if you ask me.