Wednesday, 10 February 2010

And they call it cupboard love

George has been developing his skills in the reach-out-and-grab-things department.

Early signs came to light at the supermarket where he has started to reach out for anything that catches his eye. Luckily he can't grab anything – apart from the net bags which restrain satsumas and clementines. Even more luckily, he can't put anything in the trolley.

Unluckily for mummy though, he can grab the rim of a cup of coffee – precisely what he did when she was out for a latte with a few of her other new-mummy friends. And, of course, he did it at the perfect moment – just as one of her work colleagues (whom she hasn't seen while being on maternity leave) walks past. Mummy and George returned home early that morning, both smelling like a cafetiere and both looking a little bit sorry for themselves.

This week George has discovered the handles on the kitchen cupboards and it's those that he has been making a beeline for – and with a little bit of reaching out he has found there are some interesting things to grab.

Time for some George-proofing!

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