Wednesday, 10 March 2010

George gets the blame

The other day one of our friends phoned to tell us that George had drawn on their wall. We were a little taken aback to start with and were about to get defensive about it. After all, we hadn't seen them for a couple of weeks and the last time we'd met had been at a toddler's party in a leisure centre.

It turned out that George got blamed by their three-year-old daughter, who'd said that George had visited on his own, made the mark on the wall and then left – without his mummy and daddy knowing anything – and considering we live 9.3 miles apart (I checked it on a route planner) this is no mean feat for a nine-month-old baby. Although, if by a chance in a million it is true, he might be taking after his daddy who once said that when he grew up would like to be a vandal.

Something that George actually did do was to steal a pair of shoes. Mummy went to Mothercare and had been looking at the baby footwear during her trip to pick up a few essentials. She finished her shopping, paid at the checkout, returned to the car and took George out of the pushchair to put him in his car seat – and dangling from his little fingers was a pair of 0-3 month shoes that he'd managed to reach out and nab. A little red-faced, she returned them to the shop where the staff nodded knowingly – must happen all the time. I wonder what she'd have done if they'd have been the right size.

Daddy's had more colds in the past six months than he's had in his whole working life – and this has to be down to George too. George, of course, thinks it's incredibly funny when daddy blows his nose – must be the elephant noises I make – but he hates having his own nose wiped (why can't you get one wipe out at a time? Do they make them so they come out in threes just so you have to buy more?). Anyway, there is an up side to being on the receiving end of all these colds – daddy can't smell when George has done a poo in his nappy.

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