Wednesday, 7 April 2010

All work and all play

Today was mummy's first day back at work – with daddy at home and in charge of the day.

The night before I had been tested on my knowledge of what goes into a change bag and quizzed on George's timetable of eating, sleeping and nappy changing – with instructions to get him to stay asleep for as long as possible, which when it came to it I'm pleased to say I did (a veritable afternoon sleepathon of 1hr 35mins – much better than the usual 35-40 mins).

The day began when I dropped him off at nursery for his taster morning session – he starts his full one day a week next week – and he didn't seem at all bothered when I left him behind. On picking him up I had strict instructions to quiz the nursery nurse on how much he ate (lots of breakfast), how much he pooed (none), and how long he slept (not quite long enough for mummy's liking) and to wire my report back to HQ via mobile phone.

Then I had him all to myself for the whole afternoon – and now he's crawling I spent the entire time on the floor. Trying to check a nappy for signs of poo, let alone change one, is a feat in itself when George is scrabbling across the carpet with his mind set on scaling the dizzy heights of the bookcase.

Mummy arrived home just after 5pm – I swear I've never seen her walk up the path so quickly – and said that even though her first day back at work had been a success, she had really missed George (and daddy – in verbal parentheses) and that the day had seemed very long. For daddy the day had simply flown by and judging by the huge smile on George's face he had certainly missed mummy too.

There's just one question for mummy for tomorrow's itinerary – I don't think I've got the bath routine quite right, could you run it by me one more time please?

PS: Do you think those tap handles make him look like a little devil?

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