Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Blood, money and music

Last Thursday George fell off a step and bashed his chin. In the process his teeth embedded themselves into the inside of his bottom lip. At the time it was pretty scary and George was more than a little bit shocked too. It seemed like the bleeding would never stop, so much so that we couldn’t see exactly what he’d done for what seemed like ages.

Mummy was right next to him and she managed to catch him before he gave his head a great whack too, but however close or lightning quick you are, it’s never quick enough.

George was soon back to his normal self. After sitting quietly for most of the morning – perhaps feeling a bit sorry for himself – he was munching on biscuits by mid-afternoon.

And we also weren’t quick enough to catch him before he got to the fridge the other day. We’d been to the supermarket and made sure we had all the ingredients to bake this year’s Christmas pudding when George put a spanner in the works by grabbing two eggs and hurling them across the kitchen. The look on his face was pure dismay as they disintegrated on the tiles rather than bounce happily away. We told him off but even then we were trying not to laugh.

We couldn’t help but laugh though, when George started pointing and shouting “Nanna” at a £20 note that was on the kitchen table. Now neither nanna looks much like the Queen, but perhaps one of them dons a tiara to change George’s nappy.

I was quite pleased the other day. I’ve been giving George a few lessons in ‘Classic Albums’ (my interpretation of a classic album is probably off the scale for most people). Most lessons go unheeded and he prefers to rock back and forth to his own favourite ‘Row, Row, Row Your Boat’. However, I introduced him to the timeless classic ‘Gentlemen Take Polaroids’ by Japan and it wasn’t long before he was rocking his head to ‘Methods of Dance’, ‘Swing’ and the title track. You gotta say – the boy got taste... he obviously appreciates the syncopated rhythm of Mick Karn's bassline and Steve Jansen's drumming, or perhaps it the technically brilliant arrangement and sweeping dynamics of each track.

For those unfamiliar with Japan, here's a taste. The music may be timeless but the fashion... well the less said about that the better.

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  1. My little lad fell whilst sat at the dinner table and bashed his chin on the table. In the process he bit a hole in his tongue. It was one of the worst experiences of my life.

    I hope that George is much better now!