Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Scary moments

George caused a bit of a stir at the supermarket this week. As it was Halloween mummy had bought him a special costume – specifically for a Halloween-themed mums and babies morning when all the bundles of joy got dressed up as little horrors such as skeletons, pumpkins and witches. However, she was determined to get her money's worth and George descended on Morrisons dressed as a bat.

The fact that he was bright purple was enough to attract plenty of attention, but the bat ears and the bat wings attached to his sleeves drew many a smile and quite a few comments too.

Of course, he's not the first George to dress up as a bat, George Clooney did it too and he was a grown man at the time - you never know, our George might one day become the saviour of Gotham City too.

Today, George met his great nan for the first time – which was nice in a way but tinged with melancholy in other respects. With an age gap of more than 90 years, the chances are George won't remember his great nan in years to come and as his great nan's eyesight is pretty poor, she probably doesn't really know what he looks like either. Still, she seemed happy to hold his tiny hand and give his chubby little legs a squeeze – and it was sort of special to have four generations together at the same time.

Apart from meeting his great nan, visiting a care home was a new experience for George. Daddy remembers visiting his own great nan in a care home and being scared of the old ladies who reached out from their zimmer frames for a cuddle – but it didn't seem to scare George who, being too young to know any different, enjoyed being the centre of attention once again. The staff all stopped in their tracks to coo at him and the old ladies, who probably don't get to see many babies, loved him too. Even though daddy to this day, like many people, isn't a big fan of visiting care homes, he was certainly glad he remembered not to use the mini-scent spray he got for his birthday.

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