Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Our funny little fella

It's magical to see George changing (not his nappy) and becoming more interactive. He's started to do things such as arch his back when you go to lift him out of the car seat, and put his hands out on sight of anything bottle shaped.

It's great to see his little personality beginning to evolve and there are a few things that make us smile. Every time you say 'hello' he smiles and then bashfully buries his head in mummy or daddy's armpit – bashful being the operative word as his little noggin can deliver headbutts of considerable force. He can also cling on to mummy's hair like a strongman pulling a lorry, and when mummy starts saying 'ow, ow, ow', that's his cue to do a bigger smile and tug a little harder – not so funny for mummy.

Some of his facial expressions are quite amusing too – and sometimes there's a touch of mummy or daddy in them. Today is the first really windy day he has experienced and his first impression, much like the first time he felt rain, was one of disapproval. Very similar to daddy's frown, George looked around as if to say 'is there really any need...?'

There's one thing George can do that daddy hadn't even thought of, let alone tried, and that's sneeze and fart at the same time. George was sitting up on his towel all ready for his nightly bath and the eruption of noise at both ends made mummy and daddy snigger naughtily. George obviously thought he was doing something right and after a little smile repeated his sneeze/fart party piece three times in a row. That's my boy!

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