Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Does he know it's Christmas?

It'll be George's first Christmas in a few days time and there have been a few Christmas dilemmas along the way.

The first was the Christmas tree. Usually adorned with colour-coordinated or themed decorations, this year it looks more like a display in a toy shop window with its colour-changing lights, Father Christmases swinging from the branches and even a wooden frog with moving arms and legs. Strange thing is, I think it looks better than ever – and George almost hyperventilates the moment his fingers get anywhere near a bauble.

The other Christmas dilemma is the wrapping paper. Do we wrap George's presents or not? After all, it will be mummy and daddy undoing all their own hard, wrapping-up work – then again, I'm going to feel a bit stingy (or should that be Scroogey) if mummy and daddy are the only ones who haven't wrapped up his presents.

There's also the Christmas entertainment dilemma – only realised the other day when daddy was faced with the musical choice of Westlife's latest single (mummy was watching the Alan Titchmarsh Show) or the Fisher Price cover version of Puff the Magic Dragon (daddy was playing with George). In a battle of these musical greats Puff the Magic Dragon won hands down, but there are going to be times in the coming week or two when the decision is oh-so-close.

And... we must remember to put some ice in the freezer in case anyone fancies it in their Baileys. Daddy forgot to put the white wine in the fridge the other day and thought he'd chill a glass with an ice cube, only all the ice cube trays are being used for you know who. Faced with the dilemma of choosing between white wine chilled with a cube of sweet potato or waiting for the white wine to cool in the fridge, daddy went for the sensible option and had a nice warm glass of white wine.

Anyway, it's a very happy Christmas from George... and his mummy and daddy. Baileys and parsnip puree anyone?

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