Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Water world we live in

George had his first swimming lesson this past week. Lots of mummies with different sized and shaped babies took their little ones for their first dip at the local pool.

George has had a dip before – on a few days break in Weymouth – when the pool was a bit nippy to say the least. The temperature at the local health club's pool was considerably warmer and George almost fell asleep as he was whirled around on his back as the mummies all sang Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

He took the dunking bit without even the slightest flinch and the expression on his face as he resurfaced remained utterly nonchalant. Unfortunately, there are no photos to prove it.

Even though photography was allowed, all the daddies, grandads and grandmas kept their cameras tucked away – no one wanting to be the first just in case someone objected, which was a little sad really; bit of an indictment of today's society.

George has taken a liking to slippers this week – especially daddy's big blue ones. No book or toy could keep him from leaning and stretching to see what the feet in the slippers were doing, so there was only one solution...

Early one morning and a bit bleary-eyed, daddy had to change George's nappy – which is a particularly slow process when daddy does it. Half way through, when George is without both old and new nappies he decides to do a tinkle which surprises daddy whose reactions aren't at their peak. Daddy grabs a muslin to mop up the damp patch on the carpet. However, when mummy comes to dress George a little later she is left wondering how his little trousers got wringing wet.

If they'd have been his little denim jeans with the elasticated waist then there would have been no mix up – it's just that everything else feels so soft and it's nearly all baby blue. Actually, even the little jeans with the elasticated waist are pretty soft. In fact, daddy wouldn't mind a pair of those himself... hmmm, comfy!

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