Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Our special Valentine

As with Christmas cards to each other, we tend to recycle our St Valentine's Day cards too. However, after annual outings covering a good few years now, said cards are looking a little tired, and having gotten out of the habit of buying into the Valentine hype there were no cards on our shelf at all this year.

Of course, we both approved the 'no cards' deal before St Valentine's Day, so neither of us were disappointed – and besides, what we saved on fancy folded paper we used more practically (as these parsimonious times tend to dictate). And anyway, the thought that you need to follow the commercial line to prove your love is somewhat shallow and we're probably happier together than we've ever been.

Then, when St Valentine's Day arrived, we both received a card - and it wasn't from each other. George had spent part of his day at nursery sticking red tissue on to a bear holding a big heart – and even though he hasn't yet got a clue what St Valentine's Day is all about, we know he loves us when he runs to us, gives us a cheeky grin or flings his arms round our necks. I think both mummy and I agree – neither of us have had a better Valentine's card than this one...

Back: (I think George may have had a helping hand with his handwriting)

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