Wednesday, 2 February 2011

The hidden cost of childcare

This week nanna's washing machine decided to pack in – all the clothes she put in were coming out wet and unclean. She'd only just bought a new tumble drier as the old one had lived a long, warm and as full a life as is possible – and now the prospect of having to purchase a new washing machine was looming too.

First, though, she decided to call out the repair man who came the next morning and spotted the problem straight away. "Do you realise you've only got it on a 400 spin?"

And it was all down to George who, on nanna's day to do the childcare, had turned the dial from the position of 12 o'clock (1200 spin) to 6 o'clock (400 spin).

It's something we'll have to keep an eye on too – he loves pressing the on-off button on our washer as a row of red lights come to life every time the machine is called into action.

Thankfully, the repair man saw the amusing side and let nanna (and George) off with a warning!

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