Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Birthday party fun

George went to a fancy dress 5th birthday party this week and even though it was his first party and he was just about the shortest person in a room of five-year olds (and mummies and daddies, of course) it didn't seem to phase him and he had a whale of a time.

It turned out to be a super party and it certainly looked like all the children enjoyed it – there was even a fire-eater who blew flames up into the air (outside and away from the helium balloons).

Ava, the birthday girl, looked fab with her fairy wings but George was most interested in anyone who had something on their face and kept following a little girl dressed as a black cat just to get a closer look at her black nose and whiskers. He also sneaked up on Spiderman and Batman, perhaps in the hope of revealing their true identity.

George was dressed in a Disney Cars Lightning McQueen outfit and his hat remained on his head for what could be measured in tenths of a second - this being the split second before it was flung on the floor.

George spotted his mechanic outfit coming out of the washing machine the following day and wanted to put it on, later he saw it drying on the radiator and wanted to put it on, then he saw it folded and ready to go away and wanted to put it on. On Monday he wore it over his pyjamas for half and hour before he got ready for his day at nursery... I think it's time we put it somewhere where he can't find it for a while.

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  1. My boy has that same suit!

    I am glad that George had a good time!