Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Library is the start of a quiet week

This week George joined the library. He brought five new books home and nearly all of them had a transport theme. Fire engines, tractors, trains – if it has wheels then it's a winner. All his favourite toys have a transport theme too.

Nannie and grandad recently bought him a Land Rover with a horse box, which has actually saved me a little embarrassment. On the one day a week when I drop him at nursery, he would point at all the 4x4s and shout "van" – now he shouts Land Rover, or rather "wan-wowa", which is far more acceptable and I can smile politely without the apologetic look that used to accompany it.

The clocks went forward this week, and like 'The Dotterel' says, it's lovely to get that spring feeling again – that stir of anticipation that comes with lighter nights and warmer days. We managed to start with a lie-in (even though, technically speaking, we didn't actually have a longer sleep than usual) as George followed his body clock routine and not BST.

George loves his routine and will even walk to the foot of the stairs when we tell him it's time to clean his teeth or go for a sleep. In fact, he's so reliable that mummy no longer sets her alarm clock for work! Which is a lot more than can be said for Postman Pat, whom I have noticed is rather unreliable. If he isn't getting his parcels mixed up, or leaving his van open so that they fall out, he's mislaying them so that some dog runs off with them. Occasionally he even breaks the items he's meant to be delivering. Even if he's not the best of role models, I'm hoping George will take note of the rest of Greendale and learn from their tolerance.

As you may have noticed, there's not an awful lot to report this week. I did want to post a video, but by the time I'd retrieved my camera the moment had passed, so if I describe it you'll just have to use your imagination... George spots his red mittens in a basket and won't shut up until we help him put them on, then he walks into the lounge and up to his Thomas the Tank fuzzy felt thing, then looks first at mummy then at me in utter bewilderment at the fact he can't pick anything up.

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