Wednesday, 15 July 2009

The firsts of many

George is on a journey of many firsts, and mummy and daddy are there to enjoy them too. His first trips out went pretty much without a hitch – in fact he slept through most of them.

The fruit and veg counter at the local supermarket seems to make George's eyes light up, and we just hope that in future he'll be just as excited about the tastes as he is about the colours. He's not so keen on the checkout though, and we've deduced that that is down to the trolley coming to a halt.

And George was particularly well behaved at a recent Christening. He managed to keep his face and clothes free of baby sick the whole time – unless that was down to mummy's adept skill with the muslin. In fact, daddy didn't see him for most of the day as mummy and grandma passed him from pillar to post.

His first smile was a special moment and ever since mummy and daddy have been carefully scrutinising each smile to make sure it's not just wind.

There are many more firsts to come – after all he's only seven and a half weeks old – the walking, the talking, the tooth, the bike and the zoo. And it's the zoo that concerns me most...

We already have a collection of wild animals, in particular a selection of elephants that range from stripy red ones to purple and green spotty ones and multi-coloured patchwork ones. I'm just wondering what George's reaction will be when he finds out they're all grey.

Along with that, we all know how to impersonate animal noises – elephants, monkeys, parrots, lions and tigers, cows,
pigs and sheep – but what will George think when he finds
out the giraffe doesn't jovially say "Hello George... how are you today?"?

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  1. What a gorgeous smile George has!

    Don't forget the first tantrum!