Wednesday, 22 July 2009

One small step...

George has moved into his own room – that's one small step for George, one giant leap for his parents – and I'm not sure if we're getting any more sleep.

The monitor isn't as sensitive as human ears and instead of being able to hear his every sigh and whimper, all we get are the louder noises. So the knock-on effect is that we lie awake, holding our breath, head off the pillow, straining to hear the slightest noise coming through the little, white walkie-talkie thing on the bedside table.

After a little while the agitation sets in and there's nothing else for it but to get up and check on our little fella – only to find he is indeed making those sleepy gurgling sounds and probably has been all along.

Apart from keeping us awake – even when he isn't making any noise – George has had some other strange effects on mummy and daddy. For example, when mummy picks up the phone she has found herself rocking back and forth as if she's trying to send the person on the other end of the line to sleep. Daddy on the other hand has started to walk around like he's Danny Zuko or one the T-Birds – if he didn't have a crying baby in his arms he'd need a leather jacket and a quiff (not much chance of that).

The strangest one though, is when mummy and daddy kiss each other goodnight. First they kiss, then they cuddle, then they rub each others back, then pat each others back, then finally they burp in each others ear and fall happily asleep – until the monitor makes a noise or, of course, stays quiet.

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  1. Just so long as mummy and daddy don't feel the urge to start changing each others nappies, you'll be fine x