Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Law of the Fairground

Probably not a major breakthrough in the world of newborn baby science, but I think I've discovered that babies first learn the main rule in the Law of the Fairground.

Breastfeeding may come naturally and those little, puckering, pouty sucks that George does in his sleep are simply a somnolent precursor to fairground mayhem.

Daddy can't sleep when his little George is grunting and sighing through the night, and when George stops making those noises, daddy can't sleep until he starts them again. Then all of a sudden comes the full-blown 'wah' and it's action all stations for mummy and daddy, whatever the time (more often for mummy because she's the one with the boobs).

Luckily for mummy, she can have a sleep in the day and daddy gets to look after little George when there's no one around to hear him sing and make silly noises and play games like introducing him to the kitchen utensils... "This is a fish slice". Of course George isn't always impressed – perhaps it would have been beneficial to explain what a fish was first.

Anyway, the old 'life is a rollercoaster' cliche has been over used many a time, possibly with some justification. After all, there are many ups and downs when enjoying life as a new family – the ups are higher than the high thing in High Street, High Town and the downs, in actual fact, aren't that much lower... just tiring. There are also the waltzers – round and round and round – and sometimes you do feel as if you're getting nowhere... but it's still a thrill.

And even though George has never seen a fish, a rollercoaster or a waltzer there's one thing he knows for sure – the louder he screams the faster we (mummy and daddy) go. Surely the main rule in the Law of the Fairground.

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