Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Hair we go again

George has had it a bit rough this past week or so. Firstly he had his last round of injections which left him with an upturned bottom lip for a couple of days, now he's got the snivels... and so has mummy.

Even though you can tell he's not quite himself you can still get a smile out of him. Apart from the smiles you get when he first sees you, it takes a little extra effort to get him giggling away.

Tickles are the best bet, then next is jigging up and down which is not as straight forward as it sounds. Mummy and daddy have to face each other with one of them holding George facing outward, then bob up and down to some music – George is one of the few males to appreciate Girls Aloud solely for their music – and just hope no one is walking past the kitchen window.

Anyway, we soon get tired of that – even if George doesn't – and it's back to George with his cold again. It doesn't seem to have affected his sense of taste though. He tried butternut squash puree this week and seems to like it. The apple juice we bought him hasn't gone down so well – in fact it seems to come up a lot more easily. So after checking the bottle and discovering that it's suitable for any age from four months up (which must include 42-year-olds), daddy has found that he quite likes it.

The other thing about George having a cold is that he doesn't sleep so well. We can hear him on the monitor with his snuffly breathing thrashing about in his sleep and the little thin patch on the back of his head is getting that bit balder. It has left daddy rubbing the top of his own head and wondering what position I must be sleeping in.

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