Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Bouncing baby boy

It's been fun this week. George has started to realise when people, and in particular mummy and daddy, enter or leave the room.

The fun bit is when you've got a spoonful of mushed-up butternut squash that suddenly finds its way into his ear rather than his mouth as his head shoots round to see what it was that has appeared in his peripheral vision.

It has also been a little strange this week too. George stopped overnight at his nana's house to give mummy a full night of sleep and a little lie-in too. After years of quite happily being a couple all of a sudden the house seemed half empty. It was devoid of George and felt a bit lifeless like it had lost its soul – a bit like a house without any furniture.

Even though when George is at home he is usually tucked up asleep in his room and doesn't (usually) wake until the early hours, we still missed him.

It's been quite exciting this week as well. George spent a few tentative minutes sussing out a bouncer thingy that you hook on the door frame and seemed to relish the experience. He loved it even more when daddy took the contraption off the door frame so that George could 'walk' around the house – a bit more like bounding than bouncing.

The main thing that makes us laugh at the moment are the noises he makes. George has a sort of "Charlie Says..." meow that he makes when he's tired. Problem is that this makes daddy giggle, which makes George jiggle when daddy's putting him to bed, which means George opens his eyes and we have to start all over again. He's also started blowing rasberries with his lips and gets surprised when he sprays himself with droplets of saliva – nice. And the other day he surprised mummy and daddy when, after they'd warmed a bottle for his feed and brought it to him, he seemed to exclaim "allelujah".

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  1. And 'amen' to that... Funny how you miss 'em, even when you're so zombified it's hard to tell the difference between awake and asleep. The worst thing we found was that on the rare occasions we had a 'night off' from Charlie, no matter how tired we were we'd have a restless night. No justice...