Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Not quite up to scratch

Poor old George, well... poor very young George actually. He's developed a rash which we think is baby eczema. It all started behind his ears, as most things that creep up on you generally do, and has spread around his neck, across his shoulders and on to his cheeks.

At first mummy and daddy were extremely worried, but trips to the doctors and the chemists seem to have allayed any fears – if not George's rash. The pharmacist also noted a touch of cradle-cap and suggested we rub in a little olive oil, which has worked wonders – even if it does give his hairstyle that comb-over look and make his scalp smell like a parmesan crisp.

Of course, George is doing his very best to scratch the top of his head, but his arms just aren't long enough. Strange, because he looks in perfect proportion to us and daddy tested his own arms and found they were long enough to scratch the ear on the other side of his head. Perhaps arms on humans grow at a different rate to other body parts.

It was even suggested that a little olive oil could be added to George's bath water, but since then the doctor has prescribed some special stuff which does the same thing – its main ingredient being soya oil. George's bath times have certainly become more fun though – mainly because he now has toys and has started giggling at all the splashing and squirting. And it has definitely been getting more splashy with the slippier rubber starfish, crabs and ducks.

After bath it's usually bed time, which we've noticed is a peak time for accidents. Not for us, but for people in general. There often seems to be an ambulance/fire engine/police car siren wailing loudly on its way to someone's misfortune in the next village (or the villages further on) that makes George stir just as we've got him off to sleep. Never normally hear them during the day for some reason.

Once he is off to sleep it's time for mummy to enjoy the regular mid-evening glut of soap operas and last night EastEnders' Evva (that's Heather to anyone outside Walford) gave birth. What she was pretty much expecting to be a baby girl turned out to be a baby boy which she immediately named George. Mummy and daddy are just hoping they haven't started a trend – first the Jack Russell terrier, now Heather's new arrival...

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  1. My 3 year old had eczema when he was a baby, we had all sorts of lotions and potions but he grew out of it. He does still have sensitive skin though.

    ... and my girl baby turned out to be a boy baby!