Tuesday, 11 January 2011

The bigger they come, the harder they fall

It's lots of fun playing with George, so much so that I sometimes end up parallel playing like I'm one of his toddler friends.

As soon as he's tipped his bucket of building blocks upside down and scattered them in every direction, I can't resist the urge to build a tower... or a rocket... or a train. I must admit I've even impressed myself with some of the structures I've created. One day I built two towers that weaved between each other without actually being connected. I've attempted, with varying degrees of success, counterweighted bridges that span immense distances (usually about six to eight inches).

Most of the time I don't finish my building blocks projects. Either George puts an end to them before they're two or three blocks high, or mummy lets me know that I should be doing something more constructive (what's more constructive than building?)

Occasionally, when George has gone for a bath (and I'm meant to be starting the dinner) I'll complete a tower using all 75 of the different shaped and coloured blocks... this, however, is what happens when George has finished his bath...

(I didn't film the bit when mummy asked me what were having for dinner!)

Another of George's favourite games is pretending to make tea with his plastic teapot and cups – then when mummy isn't looking he'll slip one of his toy cars in her cup and laugh uncontrollably when she pretends to choke on it. It's a game I haven't played yet, although every time I turn on the kettle I'm tempted to find out if it's as much fun as it looks.

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