Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Moon, Haggis, Shoes! (that's about as random as it comes)

George has become fascinated by the moon, and as soon as it starts to gets dark he runs around the house pointing at the windows and shouting "Moon" – and he doesn't stop until we've picked him up and taken him to the window to see the Moon.

Of course, the Moon isn't visible from every window and where there isn't a view of the Moon George will say "no Moon" and point to the next window. This goes on until we have seen the Moon.

Needless to say, cloudy nights are not a good thing – sometimes we 'do' every window two or three times before he gives up on his Moon-viewing quest.

And it isn't just when it gets dark – almost every morning without fail George will point at the window... only when it's daylight he shouts "no Moon" rather than "Moon". He did get a little excited when we were putting the shopping in the car boot the other day and the sun was hazily trying to shine through some thinning cloud, but he wasn't too impressed when I told him "no Moon... Sun..."

George doesn't know it yet, but yesterday was Burns Night and tonight he's going to try haggis. Grandad is Scottish and even better than that (if you're Scottish) his birthday is on Burns Night, so haggis is a bit of a birthday tradition. Tonight we're having a day-late haggis supper and even though George might be joining in with the 'haggis, neeps and tatties', he definitely won't be joining in with toasting the haggis.

This week mummy bought George some great fun shoes. They have squeakers in the heels – a bit like he's walking on two dog toys (we'll just have to make sure nanna's Labradoodle doesn't get hold of them). This is what they look like...

And this is what they sound like...

They're certainly not shoes for visiting libraries, but there are situations in which they might be beneficial (as-long-as-you-can-hear-the-squeaks-you-know-where-your-child-is kind of thing). I just wonder what it would be like if, when George went to nursery on Monday, every child had a pair!

(By the way, you can turn the squeak off)

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  1. You had best tell George to take the squeaking shoes off before you go Haggis hunting or they'll hear you coming and you'll never catch one!

    Haggis are small hedgehog type animals aren't they?