Monday, 17 January 2011

Getting the needle about the flu vaccine

I don't normally fall for the scaremongering hype, but we thought it might be wise for George to be vaccinated against flu – and the painfully tragic case of the perfectly healthy three-year-old girl who died spurred us into enquiring.

Much easier said than done. We phoned our GP who informed us that George didn't qualify as he wasn't over 65 or suffering from any health problems that might compound the effects of flu.

So, while we were at the supermarket, we decided to check out the pharmacy to see if we could purchase a vaccine, and even though there was a big section about giving the flu vaccine to children in the supermarket's information leaflets, the vaccine is not available to buy for anyone under the age of 18.

We thought this might be just a Tesco thing, so we tried Asda – their over-18 policy was the same and they also had a leaflet with information about children getting the vaccine.

It seems strange that the most vulnerable and those we desperately wish to protect the most are at the bottom of the heap when it comes to obtaining a simple vaccine that could put every parent's and grandparent's mind at rest.

Anyway, a quick check on George's happiest and saddest moments of the week. His happiest moment and biggest smile was when nanna and grandad return from their Nile cruise (lucky nanna and grandad!). His saddest moment was when we saw a woodlouse – we followed it closely as it walked along the side of the skirting board and round the corner into the utility room, and then we waved it goodbye as it wandered off under the cupboard.

It was probably the luckiest woodlouse alive – saved by George's curiosity. Had George known what usually happens to woodlice that cross my path, I'm sure he wouldn't have been so sad to watch it go.


  1. From what I have read the under 5's are less likely to suffer seriously then those aged 25 to 40.

    Having said that Joseph had his jab last year. That wasn't fun after his sister had told him it would hurt. He went into the surgery screaming!

  2. I'd wager any parent would have their child vaccinated before themselves, and if getting the flu – even 10 times worse – meant George wouldn't have to catch it then I'd gladly suffer.